5 Drinks that I Need to Drink Every Single Day – From Someone with Stomach Issues

Liquid tends to fill me up, so this is very difficult for me to do, or I would probably never eat at that point. I don’t eat that much because I have a very weak stomach and I am scared of eating half of the time or very burdened half of the time to eat. My mom was scared that I would end up in the hospital growing up.

Honestly though, as an adult looking back, I would be worried too. All I did was eat school lunch, drink orange juice, and sleep all day after school. But nevertheless. These are the four drinks that I am trying to drink every single day.

1. Water

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I can’t explain this enough. You need water to hydrate yourself, keep that skin supple, your body is made up a lot of water. Just get your emotional support water bottle and keep sipping that water throughout the day.

If you don’t have an emotional support water bottle, then get one. Get a super cute water bottle that you are obsessed with so that you carry it everywhere.

2. Coffee

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I don’t think I need to explain this either. I don’t know, something about being an adult makes it really difficult to have energy unless I drink coffee. Is my body addicted to it? I don’t know. Do I even need it some days? Not really. But do I drink it anyways to jump start my brain so I can start working? Yes. Yes I do.

3. Smoothies

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I have a huge issue with smoothies. I can’t eat them without bananas and I always procrastinate when it comes to making smoothies and then bananas go bad and I always waste them and give them to my friend and she just makes banana bread out of it.

I admit, I was not paying attention when she was trying to teach me. I should freeze the bananas. But as you can tell from the intro, I am wildly unhealthy and undernourished. I need to blend all those nutrients in a blender and chug them down for my own well being.

4. Protein Shakes

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Honestly, thinking about it now, I could probably put the smoothie and protein shake into one drink, but it just tastes weird when you mix protein powder with a smoothie. But people do a really good job in putting protein powder in. I also don’t like meat. Something about it makes my body really tired and it digests so slow, that I just don’t like eating it.

I could practically go vegan at this point, but I love cheese, and I don’t mind meat once in a while.

I have been working out lately, if you have been seeing my posts, and so I want to incorporate protein shakes in my diet. So protein shakes are truly a great addition to that!

5. Fun Drinks

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Because my stomach is a little weakling. Snacking can be fun or I could end up throwing up. I have an allergy test that I need to take, but I like to drink juice as a snack. It is light on my stomach, and fills it enough as if I am snacking.


I am not a dietitian. Actually, maybe I could have asked my sister because she is an actual certified registered dietitian, and she is the one who sent me the allergy test. I am not an expert, but this is what I do, and I have been okay with it. And then I eat dinner. I make sure it has fiber. I don’t know if that is healthy. Don’t listen to me. This is just a personal opinion and a routine for the limitations that I have.

But whatever you do, make sure you have fiber, understand what foods don’t sit well in your stomach and try to figure out why. Make sure you have all your nutrients to keep yourself alive. Treat yourself like you treat your own beloved pet. Take yourself on walks and feed yourself nutritious food.

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