My Problems Aren’t as Bad as… (Tall Girl 2 Netflix Anaolgy)

I love corny movies, so yes, I watched Tall Girl one and two on Netflix.

When the first Tall Girl came out and everyone watched it, the movie went viral on Tiktok because the tall girl was saying that there was nothing worse than being tall in highschool.

Then everyone started to come at the movie saying that cancer is worse than being tall, or poverty, or literally anything. There were so many Tiktoks spiraling around about it.

Then when Tall Girl 2 came out, they discussed it when she had her audition, and the director asked her, “what makes you think that your problem is bad?”

And she basically says that, yeah, all those issues are bad, but it doesn’t diminish her problem and her experience.

If your friend had an achievement and won an award, does that mean you don’t deserve to be proud of your B+? No, because we don’t need to be comparing ourselves to other people for any achievements or for any problems.

If you have an achievement in life. You should celebrate it, regardless of what anyone else is doing.

If you have an issue in life, you have every right to mourn your feelings, regardless of what else is happening in the world.

You are living your own life and experiencing your life. Should you just disregard your life and your experiences for someone else’s life? If you do, what is the point of you being a whole human being? Who chose them to have their feelings and experiences validated but yours aren’t allowed to be?

There is always someone out there in the world who has it worse than someone else, and there is always someone out there in the world that has it better than someone else. But everyone is living their own life and timeline. Every pain that you feel, and every joy, is validated. You don’t need to make it a competition.

The experience happened. You reacted for a reason.

That does not mean your actions are justified. You have every control over your emotions and actions, but what I am saying is, if you feel a certain way, it means something and you don’t need to disregard it because someone else out there is in the hospital.


Your feelings are validated regardless of anyone else in the world. Stop comparing your life to other people’s life. Everyone has a different story, and different circumstances. It does not make sense to compare your life to someone else’s.

You are 100% allowed to feel your feelings and feel sad about it. It may not seem as bad as someone else’s situation to you, but it does not mean it did not make you sad. And you are allowed to feel that way.

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5 Tips to care for any piercing

I got my first piercing when I was a sophomore in high school. I begged and begged my parents to let me get my ears lobes pierced.

Up until then, I’ve been wearing stickers and magnetic earrings. My dad finally caved in, and since then, I’ve gotten addicted to getting my ears pierced.

In total, I have gotten 13 piercings. Five of them closed because of my lack of care. So, I have quite a bit of tips that worked best for me when caring for my earrings to heal.

1. Know your skin type

Is your skin sensitive? Is it prone to get irritated? Is it thick?

It’s important to know this because it’s important to be aware as your skin in healing. If you have more sensitive skin, you need to take more precautions to make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated.

2. Be consistent

Be consistent with your cleaning routine. I use soap and water and wound wash spray to clean my ear. You can use sea salt sprays too, but whatever your piercer recommended you, be very consistent with the routine. Skipping a day can slow down the process because your piercing may get irritated, and cleaning it too often can negatively affect it as well

3. Keep things out of its way

If your piercing is on your ear, keep your hair up and just put your hair up more often. This will help your piercing heal faster.

If you have a belly button piercing. Make sure your high rise jeans or high waisted pants aren’t pushing on your belly button ring. Try to sit up straight to not irritate it in the beginning stages.

With all my ear piercings, I kept my hair up six times a week because I didn’t really care too much of how I looked during the week, but Saturdays when I would do leisure activities, that’s when I would put my hair down. This reduced the risk of my hair oil irritating the piercing, making the process longer.

4. Assume the longest healing time for your ears.

I know, we are all excited to change out our earrings for a new pretty one. I made that mistake plenty of times. I am notoriously impatient. But if we want to commit to pretty earrings, we need to assume the longest healing time for your ears.

Whatever healing time your piercer says, add two extra months to it, cause we all know we all touch our piercings with our dirty hands.

And even if it feels healed, it may get irritated with us switching it out too early. So leave the original in for as long as you can.

5. Use an airplane neck pillow

This is one of my favorite piercing hacks. Sleep with an airplane neck pillow so that your ear is in the center, and it’s not squashed my your head and the pillow. This way your ear won’t get mashed and affect your healing process as you sleep.

It won’t hurt as much, and the piercing can continue to heal nicely.


Piercings are a commitment. You are literally creating holes and trying to train your body to keep that hole in your body.

Sometimes your body rejects it, sometimes it’ll take it. In order to wear those pretty jewelry, you need to commit to the healing process and making sure nothing irritates your wound.

Good luck!