Back to Blogging (3 Month Hiatus)

I am back to blogging!

So those of you who may remember me, I am a lifestyle blogger that aspires to help many people, and I wanted to make this blog my whole life. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay the bills, and I was discouraged from the success of this blog because I was focused on surviving, rather than making this blog a creative space that will be able to help others.

After a three month hiatus, I got a job (operations manager – for right now I have just been content creating a website for a startup company, which has been amazing because the only real experience I have in that area is building this blog and website), My mental health has increased and I have learned to manage myself rather than change myself (another blog to come) and I learned a lot about what is important in creating a safe and happy space for your mental health.

That being said, my website is finally up, new and improved with a different look, and I am no longer scared of color! Yes, I know that sounds weird. I am no longer obsessing over niche but sharing overall advice that I have learned over time, and I can do it freely because I am financially supporting myself at the same time.

If you are seeing this post and you’re like, who is this random person, I don’t know when I followed them. I ask that you give me another chance, because I have so much to share, and if you need encouragement and guidance, this blog is made for you. I know my blog is called the feminine pages, but if you are a guy. These can be applicable to you too!

This is Liz Masu, Season 2.

Celebrating Two Months of Intentional Blogging!

I have been blogging for two months straight and it is starting to feel like a habit rather than a goal I need to push myself towards.

I do believe that each moment of your journey is a single moment and a moment to remember, but it is not a permanent moment. The biggest changes in anything come from consistency, no matter how you feel.

At two months of intentional blogging, I have 33 WordPress followers and 29 Social Media Followers, which gives me a total of 62 followers. Which is pretty crazy.

It is pretty crazy to think that 62 people out there want to support me and keep reading my content.

So to those 62 people, thank you so much for following me, it means so much to me and I hope I help with the things I share in my blog! Two months felt a lot longer than it sounds. I have 10 months left to go to show myself that I have not given up.

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How My Valentines Day Went (COLOR ME MINE + KOREAN FOOD + almost stranded on the highway!)

Today (which is going to be considered yesterday after I post this) is Valentine’s Day, and my husband and I got to enjoy the whole day together!

It made me so happy because I haven’t gotten to spend time with my husband in a long time and I got to enjoy a new activity.

So here is how our day went!

This is my outfit. I got the dress from Marshalls because I hated the dress I got from Amazon. It was too big and too late to get a new one. So I went to Marshall’s to find something.

I tried to style it in different ways. Which one do you like the best?

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

So, I went with option 2, but which one was your favorite?

First we went to Color Me Mine

Which is a cute place where you can paint pottery, and then in two weeks, you can come back and pick up your pottery after they heated it up in the kiln.

It was $8 per person + however much the pottery you picked out was. I picked out a cute pencil holder to put on my office desk as I hustle, and my husband picked a funny cup with a cookie holder!

After painting it

I won’t see the final result until two weeks later but I think it’s going to be a lot darker.

And this is my husbands cup

Husbands cup

I think it is a little funny and scary at the same time. I’m not sure why he chose those colors. There was a literal Cookie Monster example he could’ve followed. But it’s funny and we love it.

Then after that, we decided to spontaneously get Korean food that was an hour away. It was freezing outside but it has been a while since we did something spontaneous.

Dduk ramen
Rice and bulgogi

And alas, on our way HOME, we had no gas. Driving on the highway. I am always prepared and so I kinda felt like throwing up because I didn’t want to be in the middle of the highway stranded.

Our gas mileage was not even showing

But we made it. Thank goodness. At that was our eventful Valentine’s Day!

We are going to watch crazy rich Asians to close our night but I had a fun time. It was well needed for us.

Crazy rich Asians movie

Make sure to prioritize time with your significant other. It’s important to keep the relationship alive.

Let me know if you enjoy blogs like this! Because I loved sharing and writing about it!

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A day in the life of a freelancer aspiring their dreams

Today, was not a good day.

It is 7:41 pm, and I have scheduled 2 blogs to write for my blog, and I have to manage a social media account. I have not started because I quite frankly don’t feel like it.

Sometimes I don’t feel like it because I question if it is even worth it. I neglect to see my work, and I am home all day, which may make me tired. I am not even sure.

I am not sure how I was able to get so much done in an 8 hour day. Then when I started working from home. How in the hell is it harder to stay awake? I just want to take a nap. Some days I just have no motivation, and some days, I should have went to the library.

When you are hustling for your dreams, you are not always going to be in the hustle mode, where you work all night, for your dreams to come true. You are going to grudgingly keep working even when you are too tired, because you don’t want to miss one day.

Especially, because I refuse to go back to doing nothing because I can’t get a job, or hating my life, because I hate the job that I am doing.

I make very little money, but I am very happy with my daily life right now.

I know I have written about this before, but today is one of those days that I just feel blocked. I don’t know what to write about, I don’t feel inspired. I don’t feel like my work is showing any results. I am discouraged.

But I love doing this too much to just stop now.

I bought a ring light. It’s coming tomorrow. I am pretty excited to start taking pictures of the products I use, or the outfits that I match. I am thinking about posting videos on this blog too. We will see how it goes though.

I don’t know. This blog was pretty pointless honestly. It is just me venting out my feelings and frustrations. These are the days where people tend to just quit, but I guess I have done so many hustles to know that today is just a feeling. But I will regret the lack of consistency if I listen to those feelings.

The cover photo is an actual picture of me. Not glamorous. I haven’t done my makeup in days. My hair is frizzy, and I am tired. Not tired enough for a nap, but too tired to be motivated for anything.

I don’t know what this blog is. It is just a bunch of mind dump. Thanks for reading.

Get to Know Me

I have been posting on this platform for maybe a month now, and realized that my followers don’t really even know me.

First of all, I would like to thank all my followers for following me, finding my content valuable in one way or another. I would love for you to leave comments so I can find out what you need and I can write more for what my followers need!

My name is Liz, and I have done the whole college thing, 9 to 5 job, and I have done a million side hustles. I also have an Etsy shop of digital ADHD planners (NotedbyLiz).

I have hated the 9 to 5 job. I don’t ever want to work and stress out for someone else, and I would rather work longer days and stress out for myself.

That being said, holy moly. I am living my dream, not making money off of it, but hustling for it. At the end of the day I am really happy with the work that I produce, and I am lucky to have a supportive husband that made it possible for me to have the luxury of not making money for the time being.

As you can see, I love talking about mental health, and I am so passionate about it, and I know many other people are too.

To me, I have just really went through the thick of it alone, and I really wish I had someone to guide me. Everything that I thought was impossible and not for me, truly became possible.

I have pushed through and conquered through depression, social anxiety, anxiety, my purpose in life, loneliness, opinions of others. If I knew someone who went through it alone and got out on the other side, I would have had more hope, and that is what I wanted to be for other people. I am happier than ever.

I love fashion and beauty. I hated that every 9 to 5 job would stifle my creativity in my outfits. Why do I have to be boring to be professional? The work is still being done, my body is still covered and presentable. It’s just a little more fun!

So that is why I created this blog!

I truly find kindness and unconditional love so important in life, and being the best, kindest, most loving person, regardless of the world around you, because it is pretty dark.

So if you follow along, I thank you so much, I hope to bring life, love, and good advice.