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Your lifestyle contributes a lot to your mental health. The way you spend your days, feed yourself, take care of yourself, really affects the way your brain responds to life and your perception.

The slightest thing, such as sleeping too late at night, or forgetting a meal, can really affect your brain and you may not even realize it unless you really take an intentional effort you observe yourself. 

This category called life style helps you maintain your mental health to live the most effective lifestyle that works for you. Not one that has been working for other people. Each individual person is so uniquely different and we need to find out what works for us.

Not everyone is like this, but many of us are, and with some guidance, we can be self aware and help maintain our mental health by also adjusting our life style in order to be the best versions of ourselves.



Exercise contributes a lot to your mental health. If you are some what at least a little unstable, or you have some kind of mental illness, exercise is a great start for you. It isn’t therapy, but it is a great way to stabilize your emotions in the time being. It is also very good for your physical health.

But when you struggle mentally, exercising is not the easiest task to do. Here, you will be able to read encouragement blogs that help with an exercise routine, or something that may work best for you. 

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Home Life

Home Life is very important. Your home should be your safe space. That means, in your home, you should feel comfortable, at ease, safe, and happy. 

This means that attention would need to be brought to home decor, gadgets that may be helpful for you in the kitchen or around the house, routines that may keep your space clean, and more that will improve your safest environment.

Just having a safe space that makes you happy, will help you feel at ease in dark times. The power of your home environment can change your energy, your perspective, and your happiness. 

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What you eat is so important for your mental health. Food directly affects how you feel and how your brain will respond. Whether it is an obvious difference or not, just your diet alone can change your mindset.

When you struggle with your mental health, cooking in it of itself can be a struggle. 

In these blogs, I will share my recommendations that work for me, or trends that I discover for easy healthy cooking, or healthy discoveries. In no way am I saying that these would work for everyone, but these are ways to stay healthy even if you struggle to make food at all. 

I will also share other strategies for those who struggle to cook and feed themselves, or stay healthy because of their mental health.

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The social part of your life is so important. I know so many of us have given up by now and feel like they would rather go through life alone, but community is so important. But if you are someone who struggles with social anxiety or depression, where would you even start to be social and find a good community?

These blogs will explore and share different ways to get your fill of people but also cherish your peace and your “me” time. How to navigate through social situations, what places to go, what communities to join, and much more!

There are terrible people out there that will weigh down even more on your mental health, but there also also people who will help lift you up, and these are the people you want to surround yourself with.

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Aside from understanding yourself, it is very important to make changes in the physical space around you. Change your life mentally and physically to make the biggest change and impact in your life.

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