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Mental Health 

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Mental Health has been a trending topic these days, and Gen Z has definitely been a big factor in recognizing how to take care of yourself. 

Just like Physical Health and how we need to take care of it with what we put in our bodies, our Mental Health is something that we need to take care of and be mindful of what we put in our minds. 

You become and are affected by everything that you let your mind take it. To the last drop, taking care of what you put in your mind is very important for the overall well-being of yourself. The people we surround ourselves affect how we talk to ourselves in our own mind (friends and family). The things we watch on media affect how we view the world, and the attitudes we consume around us create our own.

In this category called Mental Health, it is split into six different sections. Anxiety, Relationships, Depression, Self Acceptance, Emotions, and Growth. This category was created to practice metacognitive thinking, which is thinking about your own thinking. 

To fully understand yourself and your own thoughts and reactions, is to be able to give grace to yourself and maneuver the world in a slightly more manageable way. 

Let’s get a little deeper in each section.


Anxiety is when you are constantly worried about the future. It can take a toll on your every thought and leave your mind constantly running. With Anxiety, you may never live in the moment and enjoy today because you are constantly worrying about the worst case scenario.

In this section, there will be many blogs about the anxiety you may be battling and different ways to help get through it. Different tactics or perspectives to help you get through each day. 

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Depression is something that many of us battle. Or maybe it just seems that way. Depression is when you are stuck in the past. I tend to live in the past to consistently punish myself or try to strengthen myself by re-traumatizing myself. It makes no sense now that I have healed through it, but it made every sense at the time. 

You are constantly living the past, you cannot take in your current life because you cannot get passed whatever has dragged you down in the past. 

This section will guide you through your depression, of how to manage it, what happens after you heal, and everything in between. These are things that people don’t talk about. They only talk about the pretty moments of glory, but the triumph does not feel like triumph most of the time.

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We all go through relationships, and all relationships are so difficult. Navigating what you think is supposed to happen when you have a million opinions surrounding you can be overwhelming. 

Relationships can be either between you and a spouse, significant other, family member, or a friend. 

All of these relationship dynamics are not easy because everyone is so different. Where do I stand in all of this? Who am I in all of these relationships? What are my boundaries, and what pushes my boundaries?

These are some questions that will be explored in this section.

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I cannot express how much I realized how important it is to accept yourself, and what a difficult journey it is. 

Self Acceptance is the biggest part of your journey that you need to focus on in order to grow in the way you want to grow. Without true self acceptance, it is hard to make any real change in yourself.

In this section, there will be many blogs about how to accept yourself, and why it is so important to love and accept who you are first, before you decide who you want to be.

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Growth is my favorite part of mental health. Any small change is a victory because it is one step forward to who you want to be. When you grow, the long lasting change is the ones that take a while, and it’s the ones that you need to battle for and really be challenged for. 

In this section, I write blogs of growth. How to challenge and push you mentally. How to change your perception of reality or introduce you to a different perspective that will help you get back up on your too feet. This section is when you are ready to get up and keep going. 

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Emotions are the most complicated parts of ourselves. Many of us mistake our emotions as definitive reality rather than just a momentary perspective because of an unhealed trigger that we never addressed. 

Reactions and emotions from ourselves and others are so unpredictable, and can be very unstable, but the more you understand and learn how to regulate your own emotions, the more stable you become. This also comes with Self Acceptance.

In this section, there will be blogs to help you identify your emotions, deal with your emotions, or just manage your emotions and understand them. Understanding ourselves helps us understand others even better.

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There are many parts of mental health that can be addressed, but this blog will mainly focus on getting through the day to day. From Anxiety to Growth, these blogs will encourage you to keep trudging your feet until you are able to sprint again!

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