Understand Your Emotional Patterns

Not many people tell you track your emotional patterns. Whether you feel like you are not an emotional person or not, it is always a good idea to know yourself well.

We, as human beings, have emotion and a lot of us don’t know how to handle ourselves when we feel sad, or anger, or other emotions. We try our best, but our decision making and perspective of the world tends to get clouded by whatever emotion we are feeling.

This makes life an ongoing up and down experience for most of us and what becomes unpredictable is really our reaction to a situation.

So what does it mean to understand your emotional patterns?

Understanding Your Emotional Patterns

Identify how you felt immediately, how you felt while you were processing, and how you felt after some time. This may be after you took a nap, or ate some food.

Every time you feel a similar emotion, just take note of how you are feeling during these times. And then when you are feeling stable, take a look at your notes and see the similarities between them.

  1. How do I tend to act immediately?
  2. How do I tend to feel as I process?
  3. How do I tend to feel after some time has passed?

Asking yourself these questions, will help you understand yourself and understand your tendencies.


When you are able to track your emotional tendencies, your emotions won’t be as much of a shock anymore. They won’t be as intense because you are aware that this is how you respond.

You may even be more patient to understand the situation at hand, and may be able to make a sound perspective after time passes, knowing your tendencies.


Take the time to get to know yourself. It helps a great deal to make it through this life.

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