Favorite Lifestyle Youtubers That I Have Been Watching Forever

I love lifestyle, beauty, fashion content. Obviously, cause I have created an entire blog off of it. But my love for fashion and beauty has grown especially because of my favorite creators. I will rank my favorite youtube creators from most watched to least watched.


LaurDIY has been one of the OG youtubers that I have been watching. Her content kind of got pretty random, but I don’t mind because I have grown up with her. She follows a lot of trends and it is her personality that makes it fun.

She has a podcast called “Wild til Nine” with her boyfriend that talks about a variety of subjects. She is drama free and fun to watch!


Miss Remi Ashton. I love this woman. She has a pretty basic podcast with Alisha Marie and they are just the best of friends. She basically does vlogs of her day and posts them weekly, but they are fun videos to watch while you do your makeup.

3. Alisha Marie

You cannot put Miss Remi Ashton on this list without Miss Alisha Marie. They are an iconic duo. Her personality truly makes the entire video. You can just listen to her videos as you clean your house or do your makeup.

The vibe of her videos just makes it feel like you have a friend and you are part of a friend group.

2. Niki and Gabi

I have watched Niki and Gabi my entire life. I love them because I grew up with them. I love their separate channels as well because sometimes I feel like watching Gabi and sometimes I have Niki vibes in me.

Not gonna lie, I do like watching their drama though. I think that is what keeps me on my toes.

1. Mai Pham

Lastly, Mai Pham is my favorite youtuber. She is so real, and so motivational.

She has such positive energy that makes her want to become her best self and live in peace as much as she can, and it is just the same wavelength as me. She literally says everything that I think, but she does it in a way that seems normal and relatable.

Even though she is about 19 years old, this girl has some wisdom going on, hidden in how a young girl talks.

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