The Power of Taking Care of Your Physical Health (How it Effects Your Mental Health)

Physical Health can directly effect your mental health. And I am not saying that it is the sole factor of why your mental health may be depleting, but I am saying that I can at least solve the intensity by at least 50%.

I want to share a personal experience as to why I believe that your physical health can directly effect your mental health.


I will say, before, I also did not have friends and a support system at all that I can trust. So that also comes into play. But when I would have episodes of breakdown, there was nobody there to help me take care of my physical health. And I lived alone. I was really bad at taking care of myself. I had no accountability, and I had not learned how to take care of myself because my mom struggled a lot as well.

Whatever I was thinking, was truth, was reality. The way my mind ran a million miles a minute, everything was truth to me, and my life and reality was so difficult. It weighed down on me like no other. I did not know how to decipher what was my mind lying to me.

Because of that, I began making choices and actions based on what I thought was real because of my mental health. I would self destruct my life because it sucked anyways. I would hate everyone. I would hate life. And that is just how I lived life.


Now, when I get anxious and my mind over reacts to a situation, I have learned to keep it to myself first, and take a nap and eat. Then chat with someone that I feel safe with after I have eaten and taken that nap.

After that, I am able to find what my reality is, and what is not something I need to overly be concerned about, and what the situation may really be.

I was going through a similar heartbreaking feeling and I was thinking all these intrusive impulsive thoughts. I took a nap, calmed down, decided it was not worth my time, ate some food, sent memes to my friend and I got over it.

Crazy what a nap can do right?

Now, every situation is not the same, but a lot of situations can be handled this way. It is okay to go to sleep angry. You may just solve issues better when you go to sleep angry. I really think it is okay. The next morning when you wake up, you will have a clearer mind and no regrets.

Moving Forward

I was always a lone wolf and have identified myself as such. Especially because I had social anxiety and felt so much peace alone. But honestly, with the right people, community can be so amazing.

Don’t settle for any community. Just like you shouldn’t settle for any person to marry. Don’t settle for anything. Doesn’t matter what you think your worth is. You treat yourself like you have worth that does not need to be validated, and people will see that you carry yourself validating your own worth.

So go take a nap. Eat some dinner. Eat consistently.

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