Have a Good Day Out of Spite

There is a quote I heard from someone that said “Have a good day out of spite”.

It really got me thinking, what does that even mean, it sounds so negative and it sounds so unhealthy, but when this person proceeded to explain herself, it made a lot more sense.

Have a good day out of spite, meaning, if you are not having a good day, or something/someone seemed to ruin your mood or your day, don’t let that get to you and ruin your mood longer than it needs to.

Someone could take one minute out of the twenty four hours in your day to say a petty statement that could hurt your feelings, but instead of being upset for the entire day and let it ruin all the moments you could enjoy, tell yourself, that your just going to have a good day in spite of the small moment.

Have a good day, regardless of what may have hurt your feelings. Don’t let yourself dwell in the negative and despite the negative.

Now this does not mean that your feelings should not be validated and that you should shove down your feelings. No. You should feel what you need to feel, process, but keep going with your day and still remember the good.

Beat what could be a bad day by saying “You know what? No, I’m going to have a good day. I don’t care that it would normally ruin my entire day. I am going to have a good day and enjoy my coffee or the fresh air no matter what.”

Rewiring your mindset makes a huge difference in how you perceive your world and how you spend every second of the day.

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