My daily Gym Routine so far // WITH pictures from Planet Fitness

So this New Years I made a resolution to work out consistently.

Honestly, every year I make some kind of resolution and by December, I realized how December came so fast before I knew it, and I always catch myself wondering, “what if I was consistent?” “What would my creative ventures look like? What would my body look like?”

I always stop within a month. Too short to find out. I always quit while I am ahead.

It is 2022 and I am tired of wondering what if I didn’t stop.

I will admit, it helps that I have a friend going with me, with a flexible schedule as well, but I don’t want to ask myself that question anymore. I need a change.

So start small, take it step by step. Here is my gym routine!

My routine

So I go to planet fitness which is about $10 a month. So if you don’t go to the gym for a year, it’s like taking a day or two off of work (depending how low your wage is) at the MAX. It doesn’t hurt your wallet over a year if you truly just never go.

No I am not promoted by Planet Fitness (but at this point, I should be 😂 this is my ✨manifestation✨.

I did the ten dollar one because I truly don’t use the amenities and I don’t really have a need to access the other gyms. And I am on a budget right now anyways.

When me and my friend go to the gym, the first thing we do is do 20 minutes of cardio.

1. 20 min of cardio


I actually did the bike today but I forgot to take a picture of myself and the elliptical was actually less crowded.

So here are the cardio options I do.

– elliptical

– treadmill

– stairs

– bike

Then I am in charge of picking two machines.

2. Machines

Ab machine

First, I did this new ab machine where you crunch your entire body. It was serious. I did 3 reps of 10 crunches.

Well, I think I did. It’s good going to the gym with a friend because you get caught up in conversation and don’t realize your working out.

Then I did a butt machine…

Butt machine

Don’t know what it’s called… but it works out your butt. And it does a really good job at it too. I just basically do 3 reps of 10 of everything. It’s my go to.

3. 15-20 minutes of Orange Theory Workout

Lastly, my friend picks out a workout from Orange Theory. Depending on what we want to work out that day. It usually gives us the most full body workout.

Orange theory workout app

The Orange Theory app is serious. It has different sets of exercises for around five minutes each. A warm up, and the exercises get harder and harder each set of exercises.

And on the side, it has this section where it tracks your heart rate and how hard your body works. And if you hit the orange section, you reach a point where your body is still burning calories after your workout.

It comes with a band that you put near your elbow to track your heart beat.

And this band is what connects to your app to track your progress.

You are technically supposed to go to their gym and do it, but she quit. But still uses the app and the band and it’s a great concept and motivator for working out!

Our mat set up for free body section

I don’t have it, but my friend uses it and has been a great motivator! And this app goes by quickly!

Not sure what this exercise is called
Trusty water bottle. Bag is from Target

It’s been a good routine. We have been tackling it together and it honestly has been working out.

Honestly, going to the gym with my friend mainly worked out because we both have flexible lives, so your going to have to find a motivated friend that also has a similar schedule as you.

Anyways, that is my gym life for now! I should take a before picture…

Keep going at it! You can do it. If you can physically get up and get yourself to the gym, even though your discouraged. Do it anyways. It’ll take a while to see results so be consistent!

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