Tips if you are starting to give up your gym New Years resolution

So let’s face it, most of us had some kind of workout New Years resolution, or at least we tried. At this point, most people stop going to the gym because they have gotten tired of it.

I’m not going to lie. I usually stop going to the gym after one month. But I am still going to the gym because of these tips I constantly remind myself.


1. Results begin to be visible after a month

I don’t know what reason you are going to the gym for. But results are going to be visible for you in a month. Other people may not see it but you will because it’s the slightest change in your own body. Be patient and be consistent.

2. Results become visible to others at 3 months

People are going to be noticing your physical change in three months. And your only taking an hour from each day to work out. People won’t notice until time passes and you are consistent with it.

3. Find a friend to go with

I have tried the New Years resolution of the gym every year. And always failed after one month. My body got tired, and I kept giving myself passes to skip the gym.

That is why having a friend to go to the gym with and keep you accountable really keeps you going. You have to go cause your friend is going and they have already gotten ready. They are even on their way to pick you up! You have no choice but to go!

The hardest part is getting to the gym, and that is the physically easiest part of the whole gym experience.

Get a friend who can keep you accountable.

4. If it was easy, everyone would do it

There is a reason why only a percentage of the world is fit. If it was easy to have that dream summer body, trust me, everyone would have it by now.

But typically everyone quits by one month anyways. If you want those results, you need to think differently. You need to work out consistently.

When you feel like your at a breaking point of not wanting to go, just remind yourself that you’ve come to the bridge where you need to cross in order to make the gym a habit.

5. This year will be different

After you have tried and failed every year, tell yourself that this year will be different. And tell yourself over and over u til you believe it.

I refuse to live the same lifestyle I have lived before. Working a nine to five job. Not actually diving into my passions, always quitting the gym. This is my motto now. This year will be different. There are only twelve months of the year. Take it month by month. You CAN do it. It’s not about ability. It’s about belief.


We have gone through so much the past couple of years. We have had our time to be at home and heal. Stop wasting your time and get back up. You only have one life to live and whether you start at 16 or 45, you have to start sometime. Better now than never.

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