My perception of life when the storms around me get too much

I feel like I am not giving very much quality content lately, but at the same time, I feel like these topics are important to talk about.

Having a therapist is expensive for some of us, or we can’t afford to take the time at the moment, so listening to other people’s experiences can help.

When the relationships around you, or your dreams start to crumble before your eyes, it may seem like you have nothing left. It seems like everything you have built is gone. Everything that made you comfortable and safe is gone.

I think thats the difficult part of it all. We attach ourselves so much to the world around us. Our friends, or family, our jobs, but life truly isn’t just that. And the moment an external variable happens and the state of our well being and mind starts to panic.

Change in mindset

Take a second to think about the movies you have watched. Every movie has some kind of life shifting conflict. These are not easy for someone to adjust to. But it happens, and another outcomes happens, and typically they end up living a different kind of life that they adjusted to. They end up still living their life and still learning how to be happy in ways that they didn’t think to be.

Think of your life as a movie

It is not really romanticizing your life, but you are the main character of your own life. And your life is just as much of a storyline as a movie is.

Ask anyone who is older. Nobody had the same friends growing up, some did and some didn’t, people constantly switch their jobs, people lose touch with their families, and so many other changes happen in life.

You can’t stop external factors. You might try out of desperation to preserve what you want to preserve, but at the end of the day, you have no control over anything than yourself.

Your life is a story line. A movie of your own lifespan. You are just walking through that timeline and experiencing what happens at minute 50 or 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Which brings me to my next point

Focus on Time

When you are enduring changes and tribulations in your life, focus on time. Time heals everything, things will subside when time passes by. And regardless of what is happening in your life, time will always tick.

If you are enduring someone fighting with you, just remember this is only a moment in time. It is not your entire life. Doesn’t mean things will stay the same after they yell at you, but do what you can, and wait for time to unravel what is meant to be.

Things will unravel in the way they should. People gravitate towards people like them, people grow and change when they are ready. Life will go on for everyone and responsibilities will take over. People’s emotions subside with time.

Change your perspective

When difficult moments start to arise in your life, think of it as a transition to a life altering moment. You may not know what may change in your life but something with change, and as a difficult moment arises, recognize that this is a point of your life that something is ready to be different and transition to something new.

For example: If your significant other is breaking up with you, change is happening, yeah. This person is making a choice to break up with you because they no longer want to be with you. But that’s the thing, that’s life. Everything changes, there are seasons to life, and different moments of life that makes your character development more dynamic.

Another example is if you get fired. Yeah you may have made a lot of money from that job, but it could potentially lead you to a new job you may feel mentally stable at or a change in perspective of yourself. This could be a moment of growth.

My last example is family separation. This is tough for people because you believe that family should be everything to you. Your mom was supposed to act like a mother. Your mom was supposed to teach you how to love yourself. Your dad was supposed to stick around. Your sister was supposed to be supportive and not jealous. And you get in an argument and decide to separate yourself.

It is hard, yes. It is painful, yes. But it is a moment in time. It is a transition. Whether it is learning to stick up for your boundaries, or change your perspective of life, or learn something about yourself. It is a moment of change.

Learning Lesson

This may sound stupid to some people, but always find the lesson in each moment. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, there is always something to learn about yourself and learn about others. The wisest people are self-aware and the smartest people know they don’t know everything.


Blogging really helps me talk myself into understanding my moods. It is almost like journaling, and I truly believe it helps other people as well. I have started to open myself up to dropping anything or anyone who doesn’t serve me (people who don’t help me grow as a person, or jobs that don’t fulfill my soul). I have let go of controlling the storms around me because I don’t have control. I need to do what I am able to do, and if it doesn’t work out, at the end of the day, it is my story. And it is just a story that I am living. I am not going to determine how my story goes because of a side character in my life or a setting. That is pretty limiting.

I also don’t want to determine my story by limiting myself. Whether it is what path I want to go, and how I want to walk on that path. Learn how to be okay with not knowing what is going to happen.

Honestly, a little part of me thinks that is my own problem and people don’t have the incessant need to analyze themselves, understand, and predict what may happen in the future. But if you have that, I would love if you followed my blog. I got a lot more coming than just this.

For those few people who read and like my posts, I appreciate you so much, I love the community even if its a few. And it makes my blogs feel so purposeful.

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