Send this to a friend going through a break up

Relationships are one thing.

You invest so much time in someone, hoping that they will be the one. You are emotionally invested in this person for however long, and you poured your heart into getting to know this person.

Then you break up.

Suddenly, your entire world changes, your entire daily routine changes. You are no longer talking to your best friend anymore. It feels empty in your life in one way or another.

Break ups are not easy. They aren’t supposed to be easier. Your life isn’t supposed to immediately get better.

You may experience guilt, or the aftermath of someone else’s emotions, or you may feel pain of loss. You may wonder if you made the right choice. You may start to question your value.

Break up’s are hard, but they are choices that are logical for your overall well-being.

If you are going through a break up right now, you have every right to mourn, to be sad, to be hurt, to be confused. Those are normal emotions that make sense and will happen regardless of how well the break up went.

You may question yourself and everything. But this is also the time you are taking care of yourself the most. Whether you got broken up with and you need to redefine your self worth and value, or you broke up with someone because you decided it is finally time to take care of yourself and be honest with yourself.

Life will shift. It won’t be normal. You will create a new reality. But that will be the exciting part of it all.

Embrace your break up. Embrace your pain. And focus on who you are after the break up. Stay strong, make choices that your best friend would make for you.

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