Why Manifestation LOGICALLY works

I used to be the safest person you can get to. Will not move forward with anything if the there was too big of a risk. But I truly hated my life and everything that I did. It was boring, it was too safe, and overall it was not rewarding.

I have one life to live, and I am living it in order to die with money saved. Nothing about my life had life in it.

That being said, when I learned the world manifestation, I truly believed that people were just needing a reason to believe in something. To me, nothing about it was real. You can’t just ask the world for something and it’s just going to give you want you want. That is not how life works.

None of it made sense to me until I decided to really think about why some people claim their manifestation works. Because you see the results, but it made no sense to just ask the life spirits for what you want. So how did they get there?

Because they acted like they were going to get it.

I am a firm believer in the mind being powerful. Your mind in a powerful space because whatever you think and believe will change the way you act.

For example, if you believe that you will reach your goal body this summer. The reason why you will, is because you start acting like it. You go to the gym regularly and consistently because it isn’t a choice, it will happen simply so.

Your entire attitude changes as well as your perspective when you choose to believe a different way, and your behavior changes naturally according to it.

This is why manifestation works

When you truly believe that you are going to get your dream life, you will work as if you already have your dream life. Your work ethic is 100% all in, because you are expecting it to be all in.

If you go into your dreams doubting yourself 10%, you will slow down ten percent. You will make compromises if the work and effort you are putting into it is truly worth it. You don’t get the results of you would if you put 100%.

You manifesting something, is you believing that it will come true. It is sending your energy and giving positive energy into the world and people will notice and see that, and are drawn to you because they thrive off of it.

Manifest your dream. If you don’t get it, then you only learned persistence and hard work. But you only truly lose the moment you stop trying to get up.

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