How I Furnished My Dream Apartment for $510

As an Asian American woman that had parents come from Korea and started their lives from the ground up as adults, we did not value interior design. We would collect furniture off the street, or get the cheapest things purely for function. As long as we had something to put our clothing in, and a place to sleep and study, it really did not matter what it looked like. That being said, I have grown up believing that decorations were a waste of money, and as long as your furniture works, that is all you need.

Because of that, I have never put value in putting time and effort into your environment.

To give a preface about me, I tend to need obsessions time to time, and my obsessions change. I tried to change this about me, but I have learned that this is just the way I am. So I have decided to manage my obsessions in a way that is not damaging financially, wasteful to the environment, or damaging to myself in any way. Hence, furniture shopping seemed to be the safest obsession. Sounds expensive, right? That is where our creativity comes in.

Decorating your apartment to fit how your mind functions, really helps your environment at home (so get to know yourself). I love color. I used to love the beige and white aesthetic, but it was too dull for me. I needed mental stimulation. Some people love the clean beige, white aesthetic, and that gives them their satisfaction. Let me emphasize that everyone is different. For me, the colors give me happiness and safety for some reason. When I switched up my environment, it went from being a storage place where I just sleep and do things, into a safe place that gives me peace and joy.

I am telling you, there is power in interior decorating.

Furnishing your apartment the way that you like will always be a long term game. Whether you are buying everything new, or getting it already used. Every single piece that you buy is going to be a hunt. Which comes to my first point: to furnish your dream apartment, you will need patience.

1. Patience

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

No matter what, you need to be patient with all your finds. Do not settle. You may feel like you want the perfect aesthetic place asap, but if you want to save money, this has to be a long term game. It is a search. You paying full price, is you paying for time. So pick your battles.

2. Places to Shop

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Stop going to furniture stores and seeing their sales. If you want the nice things for a discounted price, you need to go to thrift stores, facebook marketplace, Mercari, and yard sales.

Thrift Stores: There are stores that sell furniture at discounted prices. These wont be as modern and new, but you can paint over it with a 6 dollar paint can from home depot.

Facebook Marketplace: You need to go on Facebook Marketplace as if it is a social media platform. There are rich people who have clean and new stuff that just want to get their stuff out of their house ASAP. Those go out fast. You need to make a list of what you need, and watch it religiously. You can find some really decent things for cheap prices, but you need to move fast.

Mercari: Very similar to Facebook Marketplace

Yard Sales: These can be really great or really bad, so you gotta just find your charming treasure pieces from yard sales. It doesn’t hurt to check it out!

3. DIY Projects

If you have a couch that is sold cheap because of a stain, go for it and invest in the furniture stain cleaner.

I have this one. It is definitely a little expensive, but in the long run, is way cheaper than buying a brand new piece of furniture. But make sure the furniture you are getting isn’t so bad that its going to waste a lot of your time cleaning it.

Paint your furniture! You don’t like the color? Get some wall paint and gloss, or get some acrylic paint to spice up your furniture. Many wooden pieces are free, and you can just paint over it and save so much money instead of paying over a hundred dollars for a furniture piece.

4. Cheap Decor

You guys are underestimating Five Below. The amount of solid decor from Five Below that is new, is surprising. I paid $20 dollars for each of my couch pillows (paid a total of $120), and then I found perfectly good pillows from five below (cute and aesthetic) and could have gotten a ten dollar bag of cotton and just shoved some more cotton in it to reach my pillow standards!

My Experience

With all of these tips, I got a

  1. L-Couch for $80
  2. Brand New Ottoman for $30
  3. Modern Blue Dining Chairs for $125
  4. Brand New King Size Mattress for FREE
  5. Wooden Dining Table (That I repainted) for FREE (Paint and supplies is +$15)
  6. Bought a NEW Bed Frame for $100
  7. Dresser for $20
  8. Big Floor Length Mirror for $20 (Acrylic Paint for $1)
  9. NEW Couch Pillows for $120

Which comes to a total of $510. Which is less than the price of the couch in it of itself. It just takes patience and work, but your wallet will thank you in the future, and your mental health will also thank you in the future.

Let me know how your furniture scavenger hunt goes!

Favorite Lifestyle Youtubers That I Have Been Watching Forever

I love lifestyle, beauty, fashion content. Obviously, cause I have created an entire blog off of it. But my love for fashion and beauty has grown especially because of my favorite creators. I will rank my favorite youtube creators from most watched to least watched.


LaurDIY has been one of the OG youtubers that I have been watching. Her content kind of got pretty random, but I don’t mind because I have grown up with her. She follows a lot of trends and it is her personality that makes it fun.

She has a podcast called “Wild til Nine” with her boyfriend that talks about a variety of subjects. She is drama free and fun to watch!


Miss Remi Ashton. I love this woman. She has a pretty basic podcast with Alisha Marie and they are just the best of friends. She basically does vlogs of her day and posts them weekly, but they are fun videos to watch while you do your makeup.

3. Alisha Marie

You cannot put Miss Remi Ashton on this list without Miss Alisha Marie. They are an iconic duo. Her personality truly makes the entire video. You can just listen to her videos as you clean your house or do your makeup.

The vibe of her videos just makes it feel like you have a friend and you are part of a friend group.

2. Niki and Gabi

I have watched Niki and Gabi my entire life. I love them because I grew up with them. I love their separate channels as well because sometimes I feel like watching Gabi and sometimes I have Niki vibes in me.

Not gonna lie, I do like watching their drama though. I think that is what keeps me on my toes.

1. Mai Pham

Lastly, Mai Pham is my favorite youtuber. She is so real, and so motivational.

She has such positive energy that makes her want to become her best self and live in peace as much as she can, and it is just the same wavelength as me. She literally says everything that I think, but she does it in a way that seems normal and relatable.

Even though she is about 19 years old, this girl has some wisdom going on, hidden in how a young girl talks.

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The Power of Taking Care of Your Physical Health (How it Effects Your Mental Health)

Physical Health can directly effect your mental health. And I am not saying that it is the sole factor of why your mental health may be depleting, but I am saying that I can at least solve the intensity by at least 50%.

I want to share a personal experience as to why I believe that your physical health can directly effect your mental health.


I will say, before, I also did not have friends and a support system at all that I can trust. So that also comes into play. But when I would have episodes of breakdown, there was nobody there to help me take care of my physical health. And I lived alone. I was really bad at taking care of myself. I had no accountability, and I had not learned how to take care of myself because my mom struggled a lot as well.

Whatever I was thinking, was truth, was reality. The way my mind ran a million miles a minute, everything was truth to me, and my life and reality was so difficult. It weighed down on me like no other. I did not know how to decipher what was my mind lying to me.

Because of that, I began making choices and actions based on what I thought was real because of my mental health. I would self destruct my life because it sucked anyways. I would hate everyone. I would hate life. And that is just how I lived life.


Now, when I get anxious and my mind over reacts to a situation, I have learned to keep it to myself first, and take a nap and eat. Then chat with someone that I feel safe with after I have eaten and taken that nap.

After that, I am able to find what my reality is, and what is not something I need to overly be concerned about, and what the situation may really be.

I was going through a similar heartbreaking feeling and I was thinking all these intrusive impulsive thoughts. I took a nap, calmed down, decided it was not worth my time, ate some food, sent memes to my friend and I got over it.

Crazy what a nap can do right?

Now, every situation is not the same, but a lot of situations can be handled this way. It is okay to go to sleep angry. You may just solve issues better when you go to sleep angry. I really think it is okay. The next morning when you wake up, you will have a clearer mind and no regrets.

Moving Forward

I was always a lone wolf and have identified myself as such. Especially because I had social anxiety and felt so much peace alone. But honestly, with the right people, community can be so amazing.

Don’t settle for any community. Just like you shouldn’t settle for any person to marry. Don’t settle for anything. Doesn’t matter what you think your worth is. You treat yourself like you have worth that does not need to be validated, and people will see that you carry yourself validating your own worth.

So go take a nap. Eat some dinner. Eat consistently.

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5 Drinks that I Need to Drink Every Single Day – From Someone with Stomach Issues

Liquid tends to fill me up, so this is very difficult for me to do, or I would probably never eat at that point. I don’t eat that much because I have a very weak stomach and I am scared of eating half of the time or very burdened half of the time to eat. My mom was scared that I would end up in the hospital growing up.

Honestly though, as an adult looking back, I would be worried too. All I did was eat school lunch, drink orange juice, and sleep all day after school. But nevertheless. These are the four drinks that I am trying to drink every single day.

1. Water

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

I can’t explain this enough. You need water to hydrate yourself, keep that skin supple, your body is made up a lot of water. Just get your emotional support water bottle and keep sipping that water throughout the day.

If you don’t have an emotional support water bottle, then get one. Get a super cute water bottle that you are obsessed with so that you carry it everywhere.

2. Coffee

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

I don’t think I need to explain this either. I don’t know, something about being an adult makes it really difficult to have energy unless I drink coffee. Is my body addicted to it? I don’t know. Do I even need it some days? Not really. But do I drink it anyways to jump start my brain so I can start working? Yes. Yes I do.

3. Smoothies

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

I have a huge issue with smoothies. I can’t eat them without bananas and I always procrastinate when it comes to making smoothies and then bananas go bad and I always waste them and give them to my friend and she just makes banana bread out of it.

I admit, I was not paying attention when she was trying to teach me. I should freeze the bananas. But as you can tell from the intro, I am wildly unhealthy and undernourished. I need to blend all those nutrients in a blender and chug them down for my own well being.

4. Protein Shakes

Photo by CTRL – A Meal Replacement on Unsplash

Honestly, thinking about it now, I could probably put the smoothie and protein shake into one drink, but it just tastes weird when you mix protein powder with a smoothie. But people do a really good job in putting protein powder in. I also don’t like meat. Something about it makes my body really tired and it digests so slow, that I just don’t like eating it.

I could practically go vegan at this point, but I love cheese, and I don’t mind meat once in a while.

I have been working out lately, if you have been seeing my posts, and so I want to incorporate protein shakes in my diet. So protein shakes are truly a great addition to that!

5. Fun Drinks

Photo by YearOne on Unsplash

Because my stomach is a little weakling. Snacking can be fun or I could end up throwing up. I have an allergy test that I need to take, but I like to drink juice as a snack. It is light on my stomach, and fills it enough as if I am snacking.


I am not a dietitian. Actually, maybe I could have asked my sister because she is an actual certified registered dietitian, and she is the one who sent me the allergy test. I am not an expert, but this is what I do, and I have been okay with it. And then I eat dinner. I make sure it has fiber. I don’t know if that is healthy. Don’t listen to me. This is just a personal opinion and a routine for the limitations that I have.

But whatever you do, make sure you have fiber, understand what foods don’t sit well in your stomach and try to figure out why. Make sure you have all your nutrients to keep yourself alive. Treat yourself like you treat your own beloved pet. Take yourself on walks and feed yourself nutritious food.

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